Fall Sports at

The Village Christian Academy


Middle School Volleyball {open to 6-8 grades)

JV Volleyball {open to 7-10 grades}

Varsity Volleyball {open to 7-12 grades}

Varsity Tennis {open to 7-12 grades}

Cross Country {open to 7-12 grades}

Varsity Cheer {open to grades 7-12}

JV Cheer {open to grades 7-10}


JV Football {open to 7-9 grades}

*no team in 2019

Varsity Football {open to 9-12 grades}

*no team in 2019

Middle School Soccer {open to 6-8 grades}

Varsity Soccer {open to 7-12 grades}

Cross Country {open to 7-12 grades}

2018 Fall Season Highlights

  • Varsity Boys Soccer won SAC conference tournament title.

  • Varsity Football earns #1 seed in the NCISAA Division III State Playoffs.

  • Middle School Volleyball won the SEMSAC tournament title.

  • Varsity Tennis finished as SEMSAC Champions.

Scores, schedules and team announcements

can be found online.


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