Learning and Innovation Center

The media center is open 7:40am-3:30pm Mon, Tues, Thurs. and Fri. and on Wednesday 7:40-3:15.  Students and parents can come after school to the library to check out books, work on homework and school projects. Students can also take AR tests! The media specialist and staff is available to answer all your questions about the Accelerated Reading Program and any reading needs! Every third Thursday of the month we host AR Family Night from 5-7 p.m. Parents are invited to come and read in the library and students take AR tests. 

Accelerated Reader Book Find
Accelerated Reader Online
K-8 2020-2021 Summer Reading List
Summer Reading Journal Worksheet
Accelerated Reader is the student incentive program to encourage reading. Students and teachers will set goals for the quarter.  Once achieved, students are rewarded with various opportunities such as an ice cream social or other party.
Tammy Wallace, Director of Learning and Innovation



Search for resources while away from campus with the Destiny Catlaog System.

Follow these simple instructions on how to use Destiny:

  • Click on the Destiny link.

  • Click on VCA Media Center.

  • Click on catalog to initiate a book search. At this point you can search for book by title, author or ISBN number.