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Early in the winter semester, VCA has Spiritual Emphasis Days for each school (or division). SE Days set the tone for the school's theme for the year as well as the springboard for the spiritual development for our students. 


Love, Trust, Respect

Village Christian Academy strives to provide an environment of love, trust, and respect for one another.  Honor is rooted, fundamentally, in Christian love and respect.  It is our goal to train champions for Christ who are prepared to know and live the truth.  Jesus reminded us with the Great Commandment in Matthew 22:37-40 to love God with our heart, soul, and mind and to love our neighbors as ourselves.  


The Knight Honor Code at Village Christian is based upon these teachings.  It is the responsibility of students, staff and administration out of love and respect for God and for the Village family, and for themselves not to cheat, lie, steal, plagiarize or behave in a manner that demonstrates dishonesty.  Honesty and integrity is a direct reflection for our love for God, ourselves, and our community.


In order for a system of honor to work each student is responsible for his or her own actions, and are expected to lead by example on a daily basis.  Additionally, students are encouraged to confront and report any fellow classmate whom they suspect or is alleged of committing an honor offense to teachers and administration immediately.  Each student at VCA is expected to demonstrate their commitment to this standard of honor by signing the The Knight Honor Code Pledge at the beginning of the year during the annual Honor Pledge Ceremony.    


Honor Pledge

I formally pledge as a member of the Village family, I will resolve to faithfully uphold the principles of The Knight Honor Code of love, trust, and respect, which are a direct reflection of our love for Jesus Christ.  Therefore I pledge not to cheat, lie, steal, plagiarize or behave in a manner that demonstrates dishonesty.  By making this pledge I commit to mutual trust and respect with students and faculty in order to keep our honor secure.


Additionally, once the pledge has been made it will be required by all students in the middle school and high school to sign the Knight Honor Code pledge on all assignments saying, “ On my honor I have neither given or received unauthorized aid on my work.  All work submitted is true and is my own work.”  Teachers will have this Honor Pledge on all quizzes, tests, and projects.  The Honor Pledge will also be included on mid-term and final exams.  


Knight Honor Principles:

  • Complete your own work.  Do not cheat or plagiarize.

  • At all times tell the truth.

  • Respect others.  This includes their property.  Do not take things that aren’t yours without permission.

  • Cite all work in accordance with established guidelines in the appropriate class and school.

  • Observe all teacher expectations regarding the use of study aids and online sources.

  • Have all papers properly signed.  Do not forge signatures.

  • Uphold the integrity of an assignment, test, quiz or project by not disclosing information that would give a student an unfair advantage.

  • Ask teachers questions when you are uncertain about what is acceptable what is not acceptable.

  • Sign the Knight Honor Pledge on all work out of honor and credibility.

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