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Grades 6-8

Our middle school, grades 6--8, offers rigorous academics, leadership opportunities, athletics, extracurricular activities, and most importantly, spiritual development. Academically gifted classes are available in grades 6-8.
Bible is part of each student's daily curriculum as well as the core subjects of math, language arts, foreign language science, and social studies. Available elective options range from music, drama, art, and PE.
Leadership development is extremely important. Students who are involved in the Student Government Association are invited to a yearly leadership retreat. Leadership positions are also found in National Junior Honor Society as well as student-led Praise and Worship Team.

Middle school students are heavily involved in extracurricular activities, with academic teams as well as athletic teams. Academic teams include ACSI Math Olympics, Spelling Bee, and Art competitions. Middle
school athletic teams include boys and girls soccer, basketball, boys baseball and girls softball. Students in grades 6-12 are eligible to participate in team sports.

Our goal in the middle school is to provide opportunities for deeper relationships with Christ. Students are challenged to understand what God requires of our lives as well as to begin defending our faith in order to witness
to others. Weekly chapels are provided by The Village Baptist Church ministerial team. 

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