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Village Christian Academy provides a visual and performing arts program to foster and develop gifts, talents, and abilities for the glory of God.


James 1:17a states, "Every good and perfect gift comes from above." 

We recognize that every student is uniquely created by the Master Designer, with a God-ordained purpose and plan.

Fine Arts Philosophy

The mission of the Village Christian Academy Art Department is to guide every student to develop an appreciation of God and His creation through personal artistic expression. God created man in His own image for us to be like Him and reflect His nature when we create. God gave man the gift of imagination. Art contributes to spiritual development and creativity, but it is how we come to know, appreciate, and imagine according to God's Word that we begin to understand how this gift can be used fruitfully for His purpose. Whether students become creators or consumers of the arts, they must be taught how to be discerning Christians in a world full of images.

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