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Village's goal is to help develop young adults’ relationship with
God as well as their relationships with their peers. We are a
college prep school that also focuses on preparing a student
for life and want our students to be prepared academically as
well as spiritually.


Students are encouraged to be involved in extra-curricular

activities through the following club offerings: Student

Government Association, Key Club, Spanish Club, Girls United

Club, Art Club, National Honors Society, Quill and Scroll Honor

Society and Chapel Club.

A student-led praise team allows for increased opportunities for high school students to put their faith into action. Spiritual development culminates with a senior mission trip where students experience the power of service and sharing the gospel. In past years, students have served in Italy, Spain, Romania, Africa, Honduras, Costa Rica, Alaska, and Argentina. 

Counselors help guide students and parents through the high school and college preparatory process. AP classes are offered for dual high school and college credit. High school students can qualify to take online classes through the Fayetteville Technical Community College’s High School Connections program.

​​Athletes compete in boys and girls soccer, volleyball, boys and girls basketball, baseball, boys golf, softball, swimming, cheerleading, cross country, and girls tennis.

Enrichment Opportunities

Honors courses are available for English, Math, Science, and History. The following AP courses are available: Biology, Chemistry, European History, Human Geography, American History, Government, Literature, Language, Statistics, Calculus, and Environmental Science.

A glimpse into the high school program at VCA

Photo Credit: Jill Gunter
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