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Dress Code Q&A

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Uniform FAQs


Q: Do all “bottoms” have to be khakis?

A: Yes.  All bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers) must be khaki. (Exception is Dress Down Fridays).


Q:  Do I have to purchase khaki bottoms from the Online School Store?

A:  No, the Online School Store offers khaki bottoms to purchase as a convenience, but you may purchase khaki bottoms at the retailer of your choice.  


Q: Does my child need a PE uniform?

A: All 7th -12th grade students enrolled in a PE class (including Weight Training) will need to purchase a PE uniform from the Tommy Hilfiger shop of the School Store.  All other students (grades K-6th) will need to wear tennis shoes for their scheduled PE classes.


Q: Are students allowed to wear VCA athletic tops/spirit tops during the school week? 

A:  Yes, so long as they are purchased through the VCA Online School Store (Tommy Hifiger/BSN Spirit Shop).


Q: Can my student athlete wear his/her jersey/uniform top on game days?

A: Only if approval has been given by the appropriate administrator and communicated by his/her coach.  


Q:  May I personalize or create a VCA uniform top for my child?

A: No, ALL uniform tops MUST be purchased from the VCA Online School Store (Tommy Hifiger/BSN Spirit Shop).  No alterations to any garment are permitted.



Q:  The VCA Online School Store offers alternative bottoms (sweats, athletic shorts, joggers, etc.)  Can my child wear these to school as appropriate uniform wear?

A:  No, students MUST wear khaki bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers) Monday through Thursday. Bottoms worn other than khakis may be worn on Dress Down Days and will incur a $1 fee.


Q:  What if my student wears a top purchased from the VCA Online School Store on a Dress Down Day, will they be charged?

A:  No.  If a student wears a top purchased from the VCA Online School Store on a Dress Down Day, they will not be charged a $1 fee.  If the student wears bottoms other than khakis, they will be charged a $1 dress down fee.


Q:  Can my student wear old uniform tops/designs?

A:  Yes, with stipulations.  Students may wear any old uniform top, so long as the garment is purple, black, gray or white.  No other colors are permitted.


Q:  What will happen if my student wears any other garment (top or bottom) than an approved VCA uniform?

A:  The student will receive a demerit.  Second offense, student’s parents will be notified to bring appropriate uniform attire to school and the student will receive a detention.   


Q:  My student has not received his/her uniform tops yet.  What should we do?

A:  Students waiting on uniform tops should wear khaki bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers) with a solid purple, black, gray or white t-shirt or polo until the approved uniform tops have arrived.  Our staff is aware of shipping delays and new students waiting for uniforms to arrive.


Q:  What if I need to contact customer service regarding a uniform order or questions?


A:  To contact Tommy Hilfiger, call (877) 825.2860.  For BSN, call (800) 856.3488.  

Please contact the vendor directly.  Do not call the school. 


DRESS CODE [updated 06/2022]

The Village Christian Academy maintains a student dress code policy for various reasons.

  • A student body dress code fosters a sense of unity.

  • A dress code aims to reduce bullying and biases based on clothing choices and perceived economic status.

  • Not only does a dress code eliminate a distraction for students, but it also allows teachers to focus on academics and avoid classroom disruptions to address inappropriate clothing and jewelry choices. 

  • School uniforms are often significantly cheaper than branded clothing and thus, save parents money and frustration when purchasing clothing for school. 

  • An easily identifiable uniform provides an extra security measure to aid in maintaining a safe campus as uniforms help our faculty and administration quickly identify students and those who are not.

IMPORTANT:  Any purple, black, gray or white VCA APPROVED top/outerwear or top/outerwear purchased from the Tommy Hilfiger Uniform Shop or BSN Spirit Shop is acceptable for students to wear Monday - Thursday.  Khaki bottoms may be purchased at any store.

  1. All uniform shirts (polo shirts, T-shirts, and sweatshirts) with the VCA logo must be purchased from the online school store. 

  2. No other shirts may be worn without administrative approval. 

  3. All shirts, including layering, must be a solid color.

  4. Students must wear a VCA polo, t-shirt, sweatshirt, or jacket with the VCA logo each day.

  5. Approved VCA Branded spirit wear, class shirts, athletic attire, or club wear may be worn on Fridays or approved dress-down days.

  6. Girls may wear long pants, shorts, jumpers, capri pants, and skirts of solid beige or khaki color with the following stipulations:

    1. Shorts/Skorts/Skirts must be no shorter than 3 inches from the top of the knee

    2. Tights or leggings worn under shorts/skorts/skirts must be solid in color.

    3. For modesty's sake, no cleavage will be visible at any time.

  7. Off-the-shoulder tops, strapless attire, spaghetti strap attire, tank tops, and pajama pants are NOT permitted.

  8. Boys may wear solid khaki shorts (no shorter than 3 inches from the top of the knee) or pants. 

  9. Shorts must be neat, clean, and hemmed (no fringe or baggy apparel). 

  10. If pants or shorts have belt loops, then belts must be worn.

  11. Elementary through 5th-grade students must wear closed-toed/closed-heeled shoes.

  12. Students in 6th through 12th grades are permitted to wear sandals or crocs.

  13. Hair will be neat, clean, and styled.

  14. Modest jewelry is appropriate for girls and boys. 

  15. Body piercing (nose, lips, eyebrows, etc.) is NOT allowed. 

  16. Boys are NOT to wear earrings while on or off campus representing VCA.

  17. Gauges are NOT allowed for boys and girls. 

  18. Tattoos are discouraged.

  19. Hats, sunglasses, doo-rags, bandanas, etc., may NOT be worn inside the school building/gym or classrooms. 

  20. Scarves are NOT permitted to be worn on the head.

  21. VCA clothing will NOT be modified.

  22. Facial hair is allowed for young men but must be clean and well-groomed.

  23. A PE uniform must be purchased from the school store (shorts and t-shirt).

  24. Fridays are optional Dress Down Days (see below).

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