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VCA Principals

Michelle Pait, Secondary Principal

Building relationships with students and inspiring them to find God’s best for their lives has been a daily commitment since I entered into education 38 years ago. My biggest joy stems from observing students and teachers as they work together to cultivate learning.


Elementary school students amaze me each day with their wit, their love of learning, the way they build relationships, and, for many, their love of the Lord. Our goal is to build each student’s relationship with God and to seek His wisdom and guidance in everything we do.


The transition into the middle school years is an exciting and formative season. VCA will partner with our parents to guide their child to pursue excellence spiritually, academically, and socially so that students are able to establish a foundation that will serve them throughout their lives.


Village is a place where students feel at home, feel loved and nurtured, and will find the skills and knowledge they need to fulfill their dreams and the plans that our Lord has for their lives.

Theresa Clark, Elementary Principal

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