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Dr. Toby Travis


In Psalm 33:3, David instructs his musicians to “Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully; and shout for joy.” This charge to the musicians of David’s time identifies a number of the core values of the Village Christian Academy. When we reflect on what makes our school unique, these four values stand out as authentic pursuits of every Village teacher, coach, administrator, and staff member. Consider the following:

  1. “Sing to Him” – Village educators view their work, and their words and actions, as being directed toward God. One of our shared core values is that Village is populated by individuals who see their work as a form of worship to Jesus Christ.

  2. “A new song” – Village educators share the core value of being life-long learners; committed to meeting the unique and specific needs of their current students. They focus on leading and teaching within their present reality and context, rather than the historical one of their own school experience, and to the future needs of their current students. In other words, they adopt and implement best practices; developed to address the needs of students and the world they live in now – and in the future – recognizing that their needs are very different from students in the past. They can produce a new song.

  3. “Play skillfully” – Village educators share the core value of being masters in their fields. They have a commanding knowledge of their subject area or discipline and are continually developing their expertise in instruction, assessment, and curriculum. 

  4. “And shout for joy!” – An essential core value of the Village educator is the presence of joy and celebration in what they do. They know that students are affected so much more by how they teach than what they teach. We understand that Christian educators with a visible joy in their work and life draw students far more rapidly into their joy for learning and Christian growth.


To hear more about our pursuit at Village to ensure and provide a learning environment that is authentically and distinctively Christian, please take a few minutes to watch the video below. 

  • Dr. Toby A. Travis

VCA Day at Village Baptist Church

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